Re: How to unload coal 1945

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On 27,07 2012 15:06 PM, JaredH wrote:


It's interesting that most of the pictures of coal bins and sand bins
from the Midwest were covered, but those on the Alma branch were not.
I wonder why. No one has been able to tell me.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA
A good question. Since coal in a tender is always exposed to the
elements. Yet as a kid, we had a coal fired furnace in Chicago, and that
coal was loaded into our basement and kept dry. Sand of course, is a
different story. Beaches are exposed. Yet, didn't all railroads have
sand in sandhouses to be kept dry? To this day? Dieseasals use sand too.
Maybe in very dry climates, they don't need covers. Meaning that they
use it up fast enough that it don't get and stay wet very long.
All my educated guess, using logic.
Morgan Bilbo, Ferroequinologist, PRRTHS #1204

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