FS New HO Decals from Mount Vernon Shops!

John S. Frantz

To Whom It May Concern:
Mount Vernon Shops is happy to announce the introduction of the following
new Decal Sets to its line.
HO Scale PRR 65 foot Mill Gondolas int he Circle Keystone Scheme. Includes classes G26, G26a, G33, G33a, and G33b. Enough data to do 2 cars.

HO Scale Southern 2-Bay Offset-Side Hoppers.

Some things that my loyal customer following should be made aware of.

1) I am working on more PRR Gondola decal sets and as of right now have another set ready to be sent to the printers.

This past week I also finished a monster set for doing X32 and X33
boxcars in the Circle Keystone Scheme. The set is very comprehensive
covering general service as well as assigned automobile and auto parts

3) Due to ongoing and future projects involving my
full-time job (selling decals and other products supports my modeling,
but doesn't pay the bills), I anticipate moving within the next month.
This does mean there may be a longer than usual delay in fulfilling
orders until I am settled in my new location. However, this DOES NOT
mean that Mount Vernon Shops will cease to exist. Once I am established
in my new location, the address for sending orders will change and
everything will go on as usual. For those that are curious, I'm moving
to the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

Finally, you can purchase my products by ether
emailing me, mailing me an order, or as time permits, I do post most of
my PRR product line on Ebay. Prices are the same regardless of how you
choose to
order. Also shipping is a flat $5.00 whether you order 1 or 10 decal
sets.  Please contact me off list if interested.
If anyone has any questions regarding the above product or
any others listed on my website please contact me at the following email: jfrantz@...
Thank You and Best Regards,
John Frantz
Mount Vernon Shops
York, PA
York, PA
Crossroads of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland & Pennsylvania and Western Maryland Railroads.

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