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Eric Hansmann


I do not have exact date detail but there is a Western Maryland lettering summary noted on the website for my old South Elkins layout.

I think I combined lettering details from the WM Caboose book and Bill Oertly's hopper article from the Blue Mountain Express. I think this part was deduced from the BMX article:

"The Fast Freight Line emblem wasn't quite new with these cabooses. It was a slight modification of a circular emblem that began to be applied to new and rebuilt hopper cars in the early 1930's. This emblem was similar to the Fast Freight Line emblem, except the center was blank. The words Fast Freight Line were not used."

That's the best I can recall.


Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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Does anyone know 1) the first for the round WM herald without "Fast Freight Line" in the center and 2) first date for the round WM herald which does have "Fast Freight Line" in the center?

There are a number of examples of a round herald without "Fast Freight Line" in the center on the WVU Regional History Collection web site at:
The earliest reweigh date I could find with a quick search of these photos is Feb 1935 on hopper 20049, image 001978.
Go to the web site and search for "western maryland" and "001978"

The photo of gon 50701 on page 215 of the 1940 Car Builsers Cyclopedia shows a March 1937 reweigh date and a round herald with "Fast Freight Line" in the center.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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