A while back i posted a question on one of Al's first kits which was the I-GN (MP) door
and a half 40 ft. auto car. My question at that time concerned a more modern lettering
scheme for this car (The car that I had built using Al's decals featured a very
early scheme. Richard Hendrickson (as he usually does) came to my rescue with some
photos of a later scheme on this car. Gerald Glow very graciously created the decals.

Now that I am approaching this project I have noticed a very unusual placement of the
AB brake components on this car in the photos.

1) The air reservoir is on the side of the car opposite the triple valve and the brake cylinder.
This is normal except that the air reservoir is on the end of the car that has the brake staff
(between the truck and the left door)

2) The triple valve is in the same position on the opposite side of the car. It is on the end
without the brake staff again between the left truck and the small left door.

3) The brake cylinder is on the same side as the triple valve. in about the middle of the car.

This means that the lines between the air reservoir and the triple valve run almost the full length of
the car. This is so unusual that I thought I would question this before actuating it on the

Any comments?

Bill Pardie

and out a year and a half ago I posted a question

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