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Hi Al,

You say they were re-trucked in 1924. What type of trucks did they
receive? Do you know where to find the original style trucks in HO?
Would Buckeye trucks be a suitable substitute?

Thank you for any information.

Joel Holmes



This is great to look at . . . . but it ain't usable in an InDesign
layout.  The finished models are gorgeous!  Not many coal cars were
purchased in 1921 and then completely re-trucked in 1924 . . . only four
years later . . . . and then they were kept in Tidewater Test Service so
folks could monitor their performance regularly.


Prior to 1910 the C&O had more flat-bottom coal cars than hopper cars. 
These went to Toledo for low-level Brownhoist dumping at the Hocking
Valley docks first on the west side and later (1915-1930) at Starr Avenue
side near Tony Packos.  These were clamped, lifted-up and
tipped/rotated, and dumped into a tapered pan and chute.


Al Kresse

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And of course, Al W’s article in the 12/89 issue of RMJ is viewable
on-line at



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Al – You don’t need to spend big bucks on the article. I drew model
railroad plans from the article, had the photos from the article and a how
to build the car in the 12/89 issue of Railmodel Journal. It was the
project that got me into the business. – Al Westerfield

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By any chance did anyone on this group get the winning bid on the 1922
Railway Review 4-page article about the C&O 91-ton capy 6-wheel trucked
gondola cars? I thought I had somebody seriously bidding on it for me for
scanning of drawins for use in a C&O History magazine article on those
cars. Any leads to the purchaser would be appreciated.

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