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I use either a Paasche single action or an Iwata double action airbrush,
depending upon whether I'm using enamel, lacquer, or acrylic paints. I use
both cup and bottles with the Paasche H Series, depending upon what I'm
painting or weathering. If the job is small, the cup is convenient and easy
to clean, but do filter the paint mix before loading the cup. For larger
surface areas, 1 oz. bottles are my choice, and for track or really large
applications, I use a 3 oz. bottle. I have H-1, H-3, and H-5 tips
for the Paasche but for most painting, I use the H-3. For track or large
structures, I use the H-5 tip. The H-1 is for weathering mixes with lots of
thinner. The Iwata has a top feed cup built into the handle, and I use it
for weathering and small painting jobs when I'm using acrylic paints. The
Iwata cup has a pressure fitting lid with a hole in the middle to prevent
spilling, but I never felt the need to use it.

I try to mix the amount of paint I plan to use within a few days, so I don't
have to store the spray mix very long. Acrylics are notorious for
polymerization following air exposure, so filtering is a must. Enamel and
lacquer paints are much more forgiving in that regard, and a few drops of
thinner will bring them back to proper consistency. Mixing bottles from
Paasche don't seal tightly, even with the gasket in place, so I cut 2 in.
sq. pieces of wax paper to put over the top of the paint bottles before
screwing on the lid to improve seal and protect the bottle threads from
dried paint.

Nelson Moyer

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Good Morning,

I'm going to breakdown and buy and airbrush even though I just want to keep
sending Sunshine checks I need to be able to paint without visiting friends.
I have used brushes from several different manufacturers as well as single
and double action styles; that is not in question. My question is what do
experienced people prefer an attached gravity-fed cup or a siphon-fed
under-mount bottle? TIA for your opinions.


Mark Stamm

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