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Hi Al,

Thank you for the information. I plan to scratch build one of these cars.



The orginal 100-ton Class trucks were Lewis (actually Pilsher) simple
balanced trucks made by Am Steel Foundries (ASF) with a center pivot above
the center axle.  They were similar to the N&W's first trucks, but th e
botton leg the triangle was more rounded.  The second truck, also made by
ASF  was more like a Buckeye truck.  Both had clasp-brakes with "horns"
on the front and rear to handle the pivots for the outside brake-shoes. 
They also hand manually selected "empty or loaded" KD air brakes with an
additional cylinder (one applied when empty and both applied when loaded
was selected).

The Virginian had ten of their over 2,000 120-ton class cars equipped with
Lewis trucks.  Lewis (Motive Power Dept) was Pilcher's (Mech Engr Dept)
boss at the N&W.

Al Kresse

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Hi Al,

You say they were re-trucked in 1924.  What type of trucks did they
receive?  Do you know where to find the original style trucks in HO?
Would Buckeye trucks be a suitable substitute?

Thank you for any information.

Joel Holmes



This is great to look at . . . . but it ain't usable in an InDesign
layout.  The finished models are gorgeous!  Not many coal cars
purchased in 1921 and then completely re-trucked in 1924 . . . only four
years later . . . . and then they were kept in Tidewater Test Service so
folks could monitor their performance regularly.


Prior to 1910 the C&O had more flat-bottom coal cars than hopper
These went to Toledo for low-level Brownhoist dumping at the Hocking
Valley docks first on the west side and later (1915-1930) at Starr
side near Tony Packos.  These were clamped, lifted-up and
tipped/rotated, and dumped into a tapered pan and chute.


Al Kresse

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And of course, Al W’s article in the 12/89 issue of RMJ is
on-line at



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Al – You don’t need to spend big bucks on the article. I
drew model
railroad plans from the article, had the photos from the article and a
to build the car in the 12/89 issue of Railmodel Journal. It was the
project that got me into the business. – Al Westerfield

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By any chance did anyone on this group get the winning bid on the 1922
Railway Review 4-page article about the C&O 91-ton capy 6-wheel trucked
gondola cars? I thought I had somebody seriously bidding on it for me
scanning of drawins for use in a C&O History magazine article on those
cars. Any leads to the purchaser would be appreciated.

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