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Richard Hendrickson wrote a two-part article in the February and April 1993 issues of Railmodel Journal that addressed prototypes for the Accurail 4000-4100-4200-4300-4400-4500 series single-sheathed box cars. These articles can be found at

Gene Green

Gene and all,

The second part of Richard's article, in the April 1993 issue of RMJ was actually on how to convert on of the Accurail cars into a
1 & 1/2 door boxcar. It was the inspiration for the Standard Car Co. #1000 parts that you can find under the New England Rail Service listings in the Walthers catalog. The parts offered enable the modeler to convert the Accurail car into a fully accurate GTW car or a more "generic" 1 1/2 door car witout moving the stiffening brace cast onto the model, for those who are intimidated by such work. Certainly no one on this list! VBG It also save the cost of chopping up a second car from which to fashion the 1/2 door and other parts one might want.

Excuse my crass commercialism.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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