Bowser Locomotive Parts


Hello Everyone,
I am sorry for possible cross-posting, but I sit back and view alot of groups on line myself, so hopefully if you read this on another site, forgive me!
Hello everyone. I hope I am not boring you with this question, I had the info. I needed a while ago, but computer had gotten destroyed. I have a nice collection of Bowser steam locomotives, probably eight sitting in my display case. After several military moves and the engines put in storage, at that time in my parents home where they were tamplerd with by a young brother and nephew.
I would like to find valve gear for these loco's and a few extra parts. I am not sure where I found the info once before and now that I finally have time to work on them I am scratching my head. I do have most of the BLI engines but would love to get these heavy babies running again. Some of them I converted to can motors and flywheels and it would be great to get them running well enough to add DCC & sound.
Well, thanks for reading and thank you for any info you might have to share.
Jim V.

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