Re: Accurail model list

If someone knows the maker of these parts I would hope they would pass along that many of us would be very interested in purchasing some sets. I had no idea these were even available. If someone has an extra set or two they would be willing to sell I would gladly purchase them. What a great kitbash! Tom Dill

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I was lucky to stumble upon a set of these half door castings at a little train show in West Springfield, MA back in January. The vendor was Don himself.

Since no one has asked the big question here......Hey Don, do you have any more of the SSCo half door castings to sell? If so, pass along the details as you may make a few sales here.


Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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Thanks Ken, I appreciate that, but it says they are out of stock and don't
know when they will be in stock. I have other things on order from
Walthers that I will probably never see. I don't think NERS is still in
business but I'm not sure. If someone knows please post an answer to the
NERS question.
Fenton Wells

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