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Hi guys.

Sorry I can't speak from experience on any modern paints, back in the days I
did lot of painting using the early, lacquer bases Floquil and the standard
Scale Coat paints. I never had any problems getting excellent coverage using
Floquil flats finishes but that glossy Scale Coat was another matter
entirely. Light colors including yellows would just run off any sharp edges.
What I eventually learned as a method of applying it was to spray a very
lite base coat, light enough that the paint would not gloss. Yes this was a
bit of a dry coat but with practice it worked well. Then I apply a normal
second coat while the first was still slightly tacky. The course base coat
gave some "tooth" for the second coat the cling to.

John Hagen

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Neither do I, especially with Poly Scale white, even on gray plastic. A
several light coats seems to be better than a couple of heavy coats. The
toughest application is ModelFlex in any color.

Nelson Moyer

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I guess I have been spoiled having used Accupaint.I use a primer,I have used
all brands including Acrylics.I have an airbrush.I do not seem to get the
same coverage that I get with darker shades.Armand Premo
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Are you using a primer/base coat?
Something in a light gray?
Pierre Oliver

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Need help getting good coverage with yellow paint.I have tried most
brands,but am rarely satisfied with the results.Any suggestions?Armand Premo

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