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Bruce Smith


Here's an example in HO ( presented with the knowledge that just because someone did it that way doesn't make it right.

However, the issue is interesting, as the ARA/AAR could not anticipate every load. Thus some basic rules apply. The load should be braced to prevent fore and aft or side to side movement as well as tipping. In addition, as the 20th century pregressed, in general the materials used for restraining loads got stronger so the bracing appears more substantial earlier in the steam era.

Bruce Smith
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Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2012 10:49 AM
Subject: [STMFC] Large off road dump bodies

Please dig into your photo files for a picture of large, 20-80, Ton off road dump bodies used in quarys. I have a steel fabricator on my layout that builds these large bodies as a subcontractor to Caterpillar and others. Sheepscot has a nice 20 Ton body on there web site. I would like to properly tie these down on flat car/gondola. I have the large 1963 issue of Association of American Railroads loading diagrams. Unfortunately they only show small commercial bodies stacked three high. Someone out there has a photo of these larger bodies properly tied down or know of someone familiar with the industry. They could be stacked two high and four to a car. The Sheepscot body is 16'-10" long and 9' wide which would probably lend them to be placed flat on the car.I need to know how they were chocked and cabled down. Greatly appreciate your time. Lloyd Keyser


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