Re: FGEX ex-PRR R7s

Andy Sperandeo

Wow!, Bill,

When I read your great posts about FGE topics, they make me all the more anxious to read your book. I hope we'll all be able to do that soon.

Meanwhile, for myself, I've had a soft spot for the R7 reefer since reading the "Model Railroader" construction feature by Ralph Brown in the April 1958 issue. I started building the car from that article back in the mid 1960s but never finished it. (Just as well – I'd have painted it for PRR, which would have been a mistake.)

Now I have the Westerfield kit on a shelf in my basement, and photos like the that started this discussion to show why it makes sense to have at least one on my 1947-era Santa Fe railroad. I for one am glad to learn all that I can about R7 reefers.

So long,



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