FGEX ex-PRR R7s notes on building Westerfield's FGEX R7

Charlie Duckworth

Reading the posts on the R7 cars probably sparked an interest in building one of Al's HO models. I built one last year and the one piece body had a slight bulge in the middle of the roof. Al recommended placing the body in hot water and the letting it cool, roof down, on a flat surface. I tried this method a couple of times and the bulge never did go away. I finally took the car out to my work bench and put a small drill bit in my drill press and drilled enough holes around the top to allow the interior roof to be removed. I then cut two pieces of .030 Evergreen styrene the length on the interior and madeva new flatter roof. Hopefully, if you have one of Al's models your roof doesn't have this problem but if it does here's one fix.

Btw I added a few photos yesterday in an album titled C&EI boxcar of a SS 40' automobile boxbar at the Kentucky RR museum in New Haven, Ky. They have two of these cars in their collection of rolling stock.


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