Re: Scratchbuilding a Dreadnaught end door.

Scott H. Haycock

Thank you, Rob
Very encouraging! As to small details like hinges I would probably resin cast from a scratchbuilt master anyway. Adding them then to a 3-D printed part and then re-molding would be my approach, I believe, for projects like the one that started this thread. I have built a car end master for the SAL version of the round roof boxcars like the B-7,to retrofit to the bowser cars (PRR prototypes), which produces a close enough model for me. But this is a much simpler end than the door in question. When I have time I'm going to study the photos- I seem to recall a commercial model of an end door car somewhere; MDC? that also might provide a starting point.
Scott Haycock

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yes, I was referring to the free version of Sketchup. I understand there
are useful tools in the pay version, but have managed with what I am doing.

Learning curve - well, of course, I'm still on it. For insertion of details
like door hinges into the side of a reefer, I can find Sketchup a real pain.
But for most drawing, I'd say a month of sustained drawing in spare time
will cause you to bump into enough challenges that you'll learn most of it.


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