Re: PRR covered hoppers colors

Todd Horton

Tom, I know what you mean with the lighting.  There's seems to always have been a debate about the color Kadee chose for their models. Regardless of the color being off there's creditable evidence here (at least in my eyes) that all the PRR cars weren't the almost snow white color seen to the right. I wasn't saying the photo was 100% correct I was pointing out the differences in the shades of the two cars.  

Todd Horton

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Todd Horton wrote:

When you say it's way off what do you mean?  I'm not familiar with photo shop. I see that the upper right corner is dark but everything seems normal.
See here:

Same location as the photo you cite (Martins Creek, PA), similar lighting conditions (lousy, late in the day, which is when 613 was often puttering around the Alpha Cement yard), don't have a Kadee PRR PS2 so can't comment on colors but I suspect the car on the right is the one you mean. Upper image is uncorrected, lower is corrected, take your pick on shades of gray paint - they're all over the map!

Tom Madden

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