Re: Scratchbuilding a Dreadnaught end door.

Gene Deimling

I just posted an example of an end door made using a vacuum-forming process. I have an extra bare plastic part that you can use to build up your end either for a project car or for casting.
Contact me off the list and we can arrange for the end part.

Keep in mind, you have to build up the frame around the doors and add hinges (Chooch) along with the locking bars (Chooch) to complete the end. The rivets are Tichy. If I were to do another end, I would use Archer decal rivets to save all the drilling.

Gene Deimling
El Dorado Hills, CA

--- In, "Scott" <repairman87@...> wrote:

What methods could be used to shape the corrugations on the end doors? I was thinking cutting out the shape of the ribs and rounding over the edges? Not sure what to do on the bottom of the ribs as they appear to be round.

This would be for O scale.

Thank you,
Scott McDonald

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