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We can discuss for ever what is the correct color to paint a particular
car. Lets get back to the real world. Look at a train and you will see
all shades and colors of cars. When I worked for BN, we painted all of
our open top hoppers black. One got wrecked on a foreign line and came
back painted box car green (If these is such a color). It was not
economical to repaint it black so it stayed green for several years. We
worry about the exact color, and yet the car may only have that color for
a few days or months after being painted at a particular shop. As Todd
has pointed out, paint colors vary between shops, and even from time to
time. If we get the car to look like it was at some time in its life, I
think we have done a good job. I realize that many will disagree with me,
but that is your right.

Joel Holmes

"Here’s the story: the two hoppers are painted different colors. Live
with it."

I agree 100%, if there's an argument to the contary then I want to hear

Todd Horton

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This has been one of the sillier threads on this list. There are dozens
of reasons that the color of the two PRR covered hoppers could be
different colors. Different build dates, repaintings, ability of the
paint used to resist fading, different shops using different paints, age,
weathering, different service territories, cloud shadows, the list goes on
and on.

WHITE shirt? Not so glowing as I see it. Lots of men in trades like this
wear a white t shirt, a clean one every day. Not a big deal.

Here’s the story: the two hoppers are painted different colors. Live
with it.


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So would this account for the hopper car being dark while the guy riding
the footboards have a glowing white shirt? I've looked at this pic
numerous times. I'm not trying to use it for a painting guide for PRR
PS-2's. I'm looking at this as a photo showing that all PRR covered
hoppers weren't snow white in color. I know that Kadee caught some flack
because of the color choice they made for their offerings.

If I'm reading this correctly then everything to the left of the guy
riding the foot boards could have been developed darker than normal. Is
that wrong or right in my assumption?

Todd Horton

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Actually, I felt that the developing or exposure might not have been
consistent across the image - there seems to be an edge effect to me


Actually, the dark corners are familiar to anyone who carried an Argus C-2
back in the fifties and sixties... that camera consistently underexposed
the corners and ends of a 35mm frame.


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