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Speaking of CNJ boxcars,does any one know of any current offering for this,or CRP cars ?Armand Premo
CNJ had single sheathed cars similar to the Accurail single sheathed box cars with 6 diagonals (photo in the NMRA book), USRA single sheathed box cars and X29 sized steel box cars with flat ends and Hutchens roofs (photo also in the NMRA book). Vic Roseman made a model of these later cars by combining a Red Caboose body with an Accurail roof. Plans and builders photos for these cars appear in at least one CBC and in a Trainshed reprint.

Years ago I built a model of these small steel box cars using a Train miniature body and doors and Walthers soft metal cast roof ribs.
The Walthers decal with curved "Central Railroad of New Jersey" was very nice (Westerfield's decal for the USRA box car is even better).

I think Sunshine has kits for a taller, X28 sized door and a half, flat ended box car and a steel box car with early inproved drednaught ends (maybe with CRP decals).

Ed Mines

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