Re: What am I missing here?

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I do try to get all the decals on straight all the time.
Hadn't even looked at the end photo until you mentioned it.
Pierre Oliver

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5a. What am I missing here?
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Date: Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:37 am ((PDT))

Currently on Ebay. $750.00?
Now I know that the car in question has a certain mystique about it. It is perceived to be more difficult to assemble than it really is. But really!
The kit is still in production and I doubt any custom builder would charge that kind of rate to build this car. I know that I don't for the 4 I've built.
Maybe it's time to revisit my building rates.
Saw that. Was perplexed. Presumed that the owner's spousal unit told him to sell some trains or some such…and he can now say, "Look it's on Ebay…"

And I bet you'd get the end decals on straight :)

Craig Zeni
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