Re: What am I missing here?

Scott H. Haycock

I saw an Overland models modern diesel painted in the N&W Heritage scheme for about $4500.00! You could get into #1 gauge live steam for that kind of money.

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Obviously, you're not a PRO! And I'll bet you can spell "Vinager" (sic).

"BRASS EQUIVALENT Sunshine Models Vinager Tank Car PRO BUILT"



Brian P. Ehni

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Currently on Ebay. $750.00?
Now I know that the car in question has a certain mystique about it. It is
perceived to be more difficult to assemble than it really is. But really!
The kit is still in production and I doubt any custom builder would charge
that kind of rate to build this car. I know that I don't for the 4 I've
Maybe it's time to revisit my building rates.
Pierre Oliver

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