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Currently on Ebay. $750.00?
Now I know that the car in question has a certain mystique about it. It is perceived to be more difficult to assemble than it really is. But really!
The kit is still in production and I doubt any custom builder would charge that kind of rate to build this car. I know that I don't for the 4 I've built.
Maybe it's time to revisit my building rates.
Pierre Oliver

Doubt you need to change your rates, Pierre, just read Mike Flemings response again as he has it right. EBay seems to prove it at least once per week when someone is foolish enough to pay some off the wall price for some item with a high opening or by-it-now price.
Some sellers are simply trying to gouge, some have no real idea of the value of the item they are listing and some....well let's just say they figure it is easieer to come down than it is to go up.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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