Re: C&O and Erie 1937 box car Repaints

Scott Pitzer

When I was reviewing a lot of C&O box car photos, I got the impression that in the Progress-logo era (starting 1948) many repaints didn't get black ends. Yet new "red" / "brown" cars were continuing to come, at least from Pullman-Standard, with black ends for many years.
Usually I couldn't see enough to judge about the roofs or underbodies. For my models, I went with all-one-color.
But I do recall a funky older-than-1937-design box car-- which shows up on a video which includes a bit of rare steam action in color from the mid-1950s-- which clearly had black ends.

Scott Pitzer

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When C&O and Erie 1937 AAR box cars with Viking roofs were repainted into
the C&O for Progress and the larger diamond paint schemes were the black
ends, roofs, trucks and underbodies repainted the same color as the rest of
the car or did they remain black?

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