Re: C&O and Erie 1937 box car Repaints

Walter Cox

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When I was reviewing a lot of C&O box car photos, I got the impression
that in the Progress-logo era (starting 1948) many repaints didn't get black
ends. Yet new "red" / "brown" cars were continuing to come, at least from
Pullman-Standard, with black ends for many years.
Usually I couldn't see enough to judge about the roofs or underbodies. For
my models, I went with all-one-color.
But I do recall a funky older-than-1937-design box car-- which shows up on
a video which includes a bit of rare steam action in color from the
mid-1950s-- which clearly had black ends.

Scott Pitzer

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When C&O and Erie 1937 AAR box cars with Viking roofs were repainted
the C&O for Progress and the larger diamond paint schemes were the black
ends, roofs, trucks and underbodies repainted the same color as the rest
the car or did they remain black?

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