Re: C&O and Erie 1937 box car Repaints

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Schuyler.larrabee wrote:
The ends of ERIE box cars were covered with black car cement, and didn't get painted for years. Roofs got the same treatment.
Interesting point. When I interviewed Earl Hopkins, retired PFE Chief Mechanical Officer, he said that PFE had usually painted roofs and ends which had car cement coatings (car cement "out of the can" was black, but the PFE paint scheme was boxcar red roofs and ends), and right after World War II tried a tinted car cement to be boxcar red (or thereabouts). He told me that it had not worked out very well. After a lot of fussing with the color, they gave up and began just painting the car cement, partly because they didn't like the matte finish of the car cement and its dirt accumulation. By the time PFE changed to black car ends, about 1960, they were no longer using car cement.

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