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Sorry for the late response. Just returned from a 3 week jaunt with no e-mail access.

It appears to me that the light is low on the horizon and coming from the nw or wnw assuming the photographer is facing north. This results in a harsh afternoon sun directly on the car to the left while the car to the right is blocked by the loco. This results in an over exposure of the car to the left and underexposure of the car to the right. None of which negates the idea that the gray color of PRR covered hoppers post 1954 varied mostly because of weathering and sun bleaching.

Rich Orr

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So would this account for the hopper car being dark while the guy riding the
footboards have a glowing white shirt? I've looked at this pic numerous times.
I'm not trying to use it for a painting guide for PRR PS-2's. I'm looking at
this as a photo showing that all PRR covered hoppers weren't snow white in
color. I know that Kadee caught some flack because of the color choice they made
for their offerings.

If I'm reading this correctly then everything to the left of the guy riding the
foot boards could have been developed darker than normal. Is that wrong or right
in my assumption?

Todd Horton

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Actually, I felt that the developing or exposure might not have been
consistent across the image - there seems to be an edge effect to me


Actually, the dark corners are familiar to anyone who carried an Argus C-2 back
in the fifties and sixties... that camera consistently underexposed the corners
and ends of a 35mm frame.



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