Re: Transporting Hogs On The UP


Not focused on the time frame of this group, but the message about
livestock and cold weather brought back an intense memory of seeing a Union
Pacific sheep extra blasting west through Laramie in the early 1970s during a
blizzard. It was at night, and I was watching trains in the snow on the north
end near the crew change point (almost all trains stopped to change crews
in Laramie until the mid-1970s), trying to get a night shot of a stopped
train in a blizzard. A westbound had pulled up to the office building and
stopped, but didn't get underway after the crew had changed. In a few minutes,
the stock train (about 20 cars if I remember correctly) came through at
full speed with snow-caked cars of woolies. One thing that particularly
grabbed my attention was the rear brakeman on the caboose platform spinning his
lantern really fast in a full circle highball as the caboose passed the
crew change office. It was a wonderful sight. Wish there had been digital
recorders back then!

Jerry Michels

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