Re: Wheeling steel gondola questions [leads to completion of kit-bash Triple Play]

Eric Hansmann


I am happy to expose a prototype possibility for the Accurail gondola, but I
must add uncertainty for cars in service beyond 1950. I have reviewed an NKP
freight equipment listing and have not found where these W&LE gondolas fit
into the NKP roster. Here's the PDF I reviewed at the Alphabet Route site:

Maybe Ray Breyer will chime in with new details.

The NKP pages from a 1950 ORER are also available on the Alphabet Route
site, but they are a poor, low-res scan and I cannot read the details. It
seems there are double digits under the W&LE listings towards the end of
those NKP pages, but I am not certain. If these gondolas still retained
their K brake system, then they may not have survived in revenue service
beyond 1953. Sorry to temper your enthusiasm, but I know you would feel
worse discovering these details after finishing a model.

BTW, fine decals representing the as-built lettering for these W&LE gondola
were recently offered by Gerry Glow. This spurred my conversion efforts.

I do hope this message posts to the list as it is my fourth attempt today to


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX

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