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I tried to post this yesterday via the web page, no joy. We'll see if this works...
Glad to see someone making use of our cars as kitbash material.

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I am working on an HO scale gondola project and I have a couple of questions
concerning the prototype. The work involves converting an HO scale Accurail
steel gondola to a Wheeling & Lake Erie steel gondola built in 1921...
The W&LE rostered these steel gondolas in the 52000-53899 series
encompassing 1900 cars of 41-foot length and built by Standard Steel in
1921. The 1925 ORER entry notes a MCB designation of GK and a class of
Gondola, Steel. The GK designation at that time would indicate the car has a
solid bottom and fixed ends with sufficient volume for a full load of coal,
and suitable for mill trade...

Here's a builders image from the 1922 Car Builders Cyclopedia:

Did these W&LE 52000-53899 gondolas have drop bottoms?
You answered that question above... If it was classed GK, it had a solid floor. Solid floor meant no doors.

If so, were the floors wood or steel?
That's a more difficult question, and impossible to answer from the data in the ORER listing.

As to brake arrangement, I should think lacking any more detailed information about the underframe, the brake cylinder / lever / rod part included with the kit should be as close as anything. Just substitute the reservoir and triple valve from a K brake set, mounting them to brackets between the framing so the end up where they appear on the photo.

Dennis Storzek

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