Re: Wheeling steel gondola questions [leads to completion of kit-bash Triple Play]

David Sieber

--- In, "Eric Hansmann" <eric@...> wrote: I am
happy to expose a prototype possibility for the Accurail gondola, but I
must add uncertainty for cars in service beyond 1950 ... BTW, fine
decals representing the as-built lettering for these W&LE gondola were
recently offered by Gerry Glow.

and Ray Breyer wrote: None of these cars made it into NKP paint. The
class as a whole stayed intact into the Depression years, but the K
brake ban doomed them.

Gentlemen, unfortunate that these interesting gondolas didn't last into
my late-'50s modeling era; still, I'm interested in doing one up for my
1949 steam display train. Anyone have a photo link to one of these gons
in the '40s showing the lettering they wore at the end of their service
lives? I'd rather decal from a photo than just apply a generic WLE
roadname and simplified data.

Appreciate any assistance, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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