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I tried to find more information on this series of gondolas from the
Railway Age summary of "Freight Cars Ordered for 1921"[RA vol 72, no. 1
January 7, 1922]. Unfortunately the W&LE had no listings for the year
1921 or for the years 1920 and 1922. The article does have two builder
photos of W&LE cars a different one of the gondola, #52052 (a 3/4 view
with showing the A-end) and a SS box car #27201.

My gut feeling is these gondolas were all steel including the floors to
be suitable for coal loading. You could try to verify this by finding a
similar gondola with the same IL and IW in the ORER with steel floors
and the same distance from the top of the rail to the top of the side
and compare the two cubic capacities. The cubic capacity of the gondola
with wood floors should be slightly less because the IH will be less.


Bob Witt

--- In STMFC@..., "Eric" <eric@...> wrote:

Thanks Dennis. Not long after I posted I realized the ORER GK
designation is probably the last thing to be wrong on an ORER freight
car listing.

I'll probably follow the KD brake system mounting on the USRA
composite gondolas for this Accurail conversion. From the prototype
image it seems like the KD brake cylinder is in a different location
than the position on the Accurail model as it should be adjacent to the
easily seen air tank. Here's the link to the buider's image:

I'm leaning towards a wood floor for the ever cheap Wheeling.


Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

--- In STMFC@..., Dennis Storzek destorzek@ wrote:
> Did these W&LE 52000-53899 gondolas have drop bottoms?

You answered that question above... If it was classed GK, it had a
solid floor. Solid floor meant no doors.

> If so, were the floors wood or steel?

That's a more difficult question, and impossible to answer from the
data in the ORER listing.

As to brake arrangement, I should think lacking any more detailed
information about the underframe, the brake cylinder / lever / rod
part included with the kit should be as close as anything. Just
substitute the reservoir and triple valve from a K brake set,
mounting them to brackets between the framing so the end up where
they appear on the photo.

Dennis Storzek

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