Re: Wheeling steel gondola questions [leads to completion of kit-bash Triple Play]

David Sieber

Eric, Appreciate your help. I had also checked Fallen Flags and found nothing. I'd neglected to check the NMRA photo archive; while your search came up empty, we can still hope there's a photo or two lurking among the yet-to-be-digitized part of the NMRA's extensive collection. Unfortunately, the Durrenberger article in MR Jan 87 has no prototype photos, only photos of the six different models that Cyril had made from the Tyco gon (I know I did a couple of those cars!). Good and bad news for Bill Welch; apparently, Southern 170000-171249 were similar to the WLE gons, 10-post/11-panel 40-footers with flat steel ends with two horizontal braces, and a horizontal brakewheel rather than a lever handbrake (Cyril modeled renumbered car #76955). He noted that the Southern gons were built prior to 1923, and that 75 cars were in revenue service in 1930, but that all of the cars were gone per the 1942 ORER; so, gone even earlier than the WLE gondolas (although perhaps some continued on in MOW service?). It looks like my best option is to do the Accurail kitbash, and then beat and weather that WLE gon to look like it's on its last legs - as the few remaining WLE prototype gons were in 1949-50!Thanks again, Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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