Decals was Re: Jerry Glow, has anyone heard from him lately

Douglas Harding

Just to clarify, for it appears some have confused two different decal

Jerry Glow (sorry to hear about your brother), lives in Florida, has been
producing top quality decals the past couple of years. He produces the art
work, then has a printing service print his decals. Earlier this year Jerry
temporarily suspended some production because his printing service had
difficulties getting some of the colors he required. This summer Jerry
resumed production after his printer was able to replenish. Jerry has been
an active member of the STMFC list for some time and I have met him at
Naperville and Cocoa Beach, as have others.

Tom Stolte, owner of Oddballs Decals, lives in
Kansas, has been producing decals for over two decades. He concentrates on
roads in the mid-west. As someone mentioned, Tom shifted to using the Alps
computer printer which could print in white. With the Alps he was able to
make the decals himself, doing the artwork on the computer and them by
printing orders using his computer and printers. He has been nursing along
his Alps printers in recent years, since Alps stopped support, and selling
supplies and parts, etc. Due to the demise of his printers, it would appear
Tom is "out of business" as he is not able to print decals. As he was
printing to order, I don't believe he had much stock on hand. I had heard he
was looking to purchase a different printer that would do white, but found
the cost to be in the thousands, not the hundreds of an Alps. I believe his
early work, before Alps, was to have someone like Rail Graphics do the
actual printing. But I do not know for sure. I use to see Tom at local train
meets/shows in the Midwest, but have not seen him for about five years. If
he indeed is out of business, it will be a significant loss of local Midwest
road decals. Hopefully Tom is able to restructure, satisfy his customers,
and either get a different printer or go back to having a printing service
print his decals.

But do not confuse the two. One is much, much taller than the other. And
remember they are individuals, no large office, no staff. When they take
time off for train shows or family, they are not available to answer email
or phone calls.

Doug Harding

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