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I went through the CB&Q/BN rosters, and I have two candidates for oldest
waycar in service.

The first one is a Class NE-1 waycar number 14118 built by the B&MR at
Plattsmouth, NE in 1880, sold to the Oregon Pacific & Eastern in 1975, and
retired in 1981 at the ripe old age of 101.

The oldest Burlington waycar I could find that stayed on the railroad
throughout its life is also a Class NE-1 waycar number 14315 built by the
KCSt.J&CB in 1874 and retired by the BN as number 11060 in 1972 at the age
of 98 years.

Several waycars made it past the BN merger to be retired after 95 to 96
years of venerable service.
Now, that's cool. I didn't think the Soo had much chance to have the ultimate oldest car; the road was a Johnny-come-lately amongst the mid-west railroads. I can't find the actual retirement date for the car I mentioned above, but it is likely right at the time of the renumbering in '74; the Soo did several of these number swaps right as cars were being sold.


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