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Thanks Chris,

I don't have access to that Article, un less it is available on line?
Basically I wanted to know which version was more common, The wood End or Steel end toward the end late 1940's? I am building the same two kits, but want to keep the more common version.


Eric Thur

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It just so happens that I'm in the middle building these now using the new F&C kits - one each of the steel end & wood reinforced end.

I don't know the answers to your questions offhand, but should be able to help once I get back to my reference material tonight.

In the meantime, in case you didn't already know, Mainline Modeler did a two-part series on these cars in July and September, 1988.


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I have a question on New Haven's 36 Foot Re built box cars. Of the quantity that were rebuilt in the late 1920's, were there more cars with the Re enforced Wood ends or with the Steel Dreadnaught ends re-built? When scrapping began after WW II, were the Wood end cars scrapped first or both Wood ended and Dreadnaught ended cars scrapped together? I am assuming that these cars were all gone from any revenue service use, by 1953 since I read that there were only 41 cars left in 1950 and none that received AB brakes?


Eric Thur

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