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Bill - Yes, he has info. - Al Westerfield

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 1:55 PM, lnbill wrote:

Thanks Eric

Let hope Andrew Dahm is taking note. I had the feeling from Al
Westerfield that he had info the cars. I that is the case maybe Andrew
will think about these cars for his line. It is kind of funky.

I have an end shot in my collection I think.
Bill Welch

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Here's some info on this W&LE single sheathed cars.
27000-27999 : 1000 cars built by Western Car & Foundry.
Single-sheathed wood construction with staggered 7-foot wide doors,
Vulcan vertical corrugated metal ends, and straight centersills.
Sadly, I have a grand total of ONE image of these cars offline. It
shows up in the background of a fascinating B&O Brunswick Yard image
from about 1922-1924.
These W&LE box cars appear in several images in the W&LE archive at
Cleveland State University. Here's an image noted as New Lead Stark
Brick. Three of these unique Wheeling box cars can be seen here. One
of the cars has a reweigh date of 4-31.
The Wheeling is an odd duck of a prototype but it served some major
industries through northern Ohio. I have not found any other railroad
using a combination of similar single-sheathed box car design and

Eric Hansmann El Paso, TX

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I bugged Al Westerfield several times to do this car. Hard to see but
note the ribs on the steel ends are vertical.

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