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It is my understanding that this technology has been around since the late '7s or early '80s.

John Degnan



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While I am sure it is difficult, and as others have said it has its limitations, it seems to me that most new technologies can be described that way. I remember being Co-Chair for the education component for the National Press Photographers Assoc. Convention in Nashville and the president of the organization wanted us to have presentation on a new digital underwater camera. This was the late 1970s or early 1980s. In the end the output from camera featured in the presentation was pretty underwhelming. Look at where we are now.

Mark my words, at some point in the future I bet this 3-D printing will one more way we will be getting things we want.

Bill Welch

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Group,  I think from what little I know about 3-D printing it is difficult, however take a look at the web site of Pacific Locomotive Works.  (A note to keep me out of Jail: he can do freight car parts too).  The examples are mostly O Scale or P:48 drivers but they are certainly done in 3-D.  Bill gave me one of his reject drivers, and is was in a word, awesome.  Even with the defect.  It was a BLW 74" Baldwin Disc wheel center. FHP (Frank H. Peacock)

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      Love that center baggage section combine car!

Steve Johnson

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Over on a diesel list I spied comments about this website where there are

several items offered in HO that are "printed" in 3-D. Nothing for us YET,

but it might provoke something.

Bill Welch

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