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Warning: minor rant coming...
Correction. Jay Leno doesn't DO anything except write checks.
He even had one of his minions do the driving for him when he entered a fighting robot (built by someone else) on the Battlebots TV show a few years back.
Sorry, but I feel it's important to separate the actual doers from the hangers-on.

Okay, I'm all better now...
Ken Olson

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Was watching a Speed channel show a year or so ago. Jay Leno has a
machine in his shop.
if he needs a part for his ?? 1903 Stanley Steamer He tales the part puts
it in and makes a copy Then he can see if it will work and make a real
replacement for the car.
Must be nice !! Would love to say ( Jay O'l buddy I need a couple if
these please !! )

Jim Evans

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John Degnan wrote:
It is my understanding that this technology has been around since the
late '7s or early '80s.

Certainly by the mid-1980s it was already being investigated by academics.
When I was at Carnegie Mellon in those years, the mechanical engineering
faculty had a number of research projects in "rapid prototyping," as it was

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