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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Eric and List Members,

Thanks for the wonderful image you posted. This is of interest to me on two fronts - in N scale there is an existing model that is a good starting point for the W&LE 52000-53899 series, and there is a commercially available model of the USRA composite gondola W&LE 51000-51999 series as well.

Can anyone say, have the sides of the USRA gon in the photo been upgraded to steel sides? It looks like that might be the case, but difficult to say with certainty by just looking at the photo. Did the W&LE do such side replacements on their USRA gons? Some roads certainly did... PRR as one example.

- Claus Schlund

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As the W&LE gondola questions have stirred some interest, I've posted images
of two additional Wheeling steel gondolas from the 52000-53899 series. These
were built in 1921 by Standard Steel. The W&LE also received 100 of the same
cars in the R6000-R6099 series. I have not seen any images of these
gondolas, but I suspect they may have been in captured service.

These two images were taken from a larger image noted as Berger Switch br
0.48. The image is from the W&LE archives in the special collections of the
Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. I
scanned a number of images at a high resolution and was able to tweak these
pull-outs for more clarity. I believe the image documents the bridge, but
I'm more interested in the five gondolas sitting there. Four seem to be from
the W&LE 52000-53899 series, while one is a USRA composite gondola from the
W&LE 51000-51999 series. Here's the original image:

The image is undated, but the barest of reweigh dates can be detected on the
USRA gondola. It seems to be a 1929 date, which would mean all the easily
identified freight cars here would be about ten years old. Here are close
ups of two W&LE steel gondolas in the image.

Two other similar gondolas sit at each end of the image, but a full car
number is difficult to determine on the far right gondola. In any event,
here is a string of well used freight cars with original lettering that can
hardly be read. The steel gondolas seem to have lost much of their paint
since coming into service.

I suspect later gondolas acquired by the W&LE would endure a similar loss of
paint, so these images may offer some guidance.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX


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