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Yes, a very helpful resource. Here are a few additions and notations I made for NP Ry entries on my copy of the Excel file. I put my name as source editor, but these are based on notes I've compiled and cross-checked from various sources:


DL NP Dilworth MN Hendrickson (state added Frissell)

KS NP King St WA Seattle Frissell

LT NP Lewiston ID - Hendrickson (state corrected Frissell)

MN NP Mandan ND Hendrickson (state corrected Frissell)

SE NP Staples MN Hendrickson (state added Frissell)

SP NP St. Paul MN - Frissell

ST NP South Tacoma WA - Frissell

SU NP Superior WI - Frissell

WA NP Wallace ID - Hendrickson (state added Frissell)


GV NP Glendive MT EXCEPTION: Post-1961 NP leased boxcars in the 36000-39999 range GV indicates rebuilt at Greenville, PA Hendrickson (FRISSELL note)


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2. Check the group files section. There is an MS Excel file compiled by members of the group archived there.
It's an excellent list and I use it a lot, but there are some railroads on the list which have RATHER few codes shown. Maybe some folks on this list who know such codes for their favorite railroad could look through the Excel document and see if they can add to it.

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