Re: UTLX designs

Dave Nelson

A 50's era X-5 was what I was hoping for but the X-3 might be suitable, and
of course a full blown set of real drawings would have been ideal, but then
double rainbows, each w/ a pot of gold at the end is pretty ideal too and we
all know how likely those are. Thanks for the lead -- I'll look for it.

Dave Nelson

P.S. Q: when AC&F had the occasional build order from UTLX, were those
actually X-3 and X-5 designs they built or the usual products of AC&F
customized for UTLX requirements?

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There was a Bob Hundman plan for a 10,000 gallon X-3 UTLX car in March 1985
Mainline Modeler. Certainly a common car although the design evolved over
about 20 years.

Is there something special you are looking for?

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