FS New HO and N Decals from Mount Vernon Shops!

John S. Frantz

To Whom It May Concern:
Mount Vernon Shops is happy to announce the introduction of the following
new Decal Sets to its line.
 N Scale PRR 65 foot Mill Gondolas in the Circle Keystone Scheme. Includes classes G26, G26a, G33, G33a, and G33b. Enough data to do 2 cars.

HO Scale PRR G28 and G29 Gondolas in the Circle Keystone Scheme. Enough data to do 4 cars, 2 of each class.

Finally, you can purchase my products by ether
emailing me, mailing me an order, or as time permits, I do post most of
my PRR product line on Ebay. Prices are the same regardless of how you
choose to
order. Also shipping is a flat $5.00 whether you order 1 or 10 decal
sets.  Please contact me off list if interested.
If anyone has any questions regarding the above product or
any others listed on my website please contact me at the following email: jfrantz@...
Thank You and Best Regards,
John Frantz
Mount Vernon Shops
York, PA

York, PA
Crossroads of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland & Pennsylvania and Western Maryland Railroads.

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