Jerry Glow, is alive and well

Bob McCarthy

Good morning!

     Spoke with Jerry last night.  He has been taking time to be with his younger brother who is very ill.  We will be putting his brother on our prayer list at church.  Hope everyone will keep Jerry and his family in their thoughts and prayers.  Times like this really cause the thoughtful to focus on what is really impotant.


Bob McCarthy

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Allen--Jerry and I swapped emails about a decal set he is developing on 8/18. He is very much still in business.

If he has missed responding to an email, I suspect that he is much more busy than he thought would be the case when he started this enterprise. Remember that he has been a STMFCer longer than he has been a decal supplier. He started doing decals strictly to supply his own requirements, but then came the demise of Champ and now Tom Stolte's difficulties. Now we enjoy having a serious modeler make very accurate decals, but he stays busy.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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I have had decals on order from Jerry for the Chas Boas Southern Flat Cars
for over two months now. When I finally heard from him a couple of weeks
ago he explained the delay being due to family visiting. There was no
mention of a printer problem.

Now I am really concerned because a driving reason that I bought six of
these kits was that Jerry had great decals available. If he is out of
business, I am SOL with these kits!

Allen Cain

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