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The TH&B carried poles on some of their switching loco's into the late 1970's. Scroll down to find one of their loco's fitted with one in 1973--

Yet other roads prohibited "poling" or "staking" cars.

I've done it informally a couple of times at the carrier that I work for, and never been comfortable with it...

Steve Lucas.

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Poling, as a practice, would not have been "outlawed" - meaning banned by AAR interchange rules - because no part of the practice nor the presence or absence of poling pockets would affect interchange in any way.

Individual railroads would have forbidden the practice without regard to what other railroads were or were not doing. From my reading of various first person accounts of railroading it appears that the practice of poling continued on a few roads even after it was forbidden by management. Of course, the same could be said for any number of other railroader habits or practices.

I think we can safely say the practice just faded away. The foregoing in no way answers your question "when?"

Gene Green

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