Creating Poling Pockets

Bill Welch

I have done the following to create poling pockets, first on two Clinchfield GP-7's and then for some patterns I am creating for a freight car. In the Grandt Line parts line, there is a set of parts for lift rings with 3 different sizes on the sprue. They are offered in both styrene and brass. Sorry I do not remember the part number but for the poling pockets the styrene sprue is what is needed.

Using a fresh blade, trim off all of the mounting part of the molding to create little donuts. On the Geeps, I then glued the little donuts to the proper step area with Testers. For the freight car part, I used Testers to glue the donuts to some plain sheet styrene. Then I loaded up a brush w/Testers and flooded the donuts. I did this several times. Gradually the Testers, which does not flame off quickly, will "melt" the styrene donut until it looks like a stamping or forging. In other words the hole in the donut takes on a sort of cupped shape while the perimeter develops a flair or webbing on its edges. I am probably not doing a good job describing what happens with the terms I am using, but it does produce a very pleasing result.

For my freight car project, the donuts on the styrene sheet have been cast in resin, Then I slice these off w/a fresh blade and glue into the position I need w/ACC.

Bill Welch

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