Despatch Shops Film

Jerry Breon

This morning I was reminded of a 53-minute film showing the construction of MDT reefers at NYC's Despatch Shops in 1951. The video can be found on the City of East Rochester site at:<>
Scroll down to the "ERCN TV-12 Announces Video-ON-Demand" section and click on the "Click Here To Watch ERCN TV-12" box. From there select "ER Historical Shows" on the right and then select "A Day At The Car Shops 1951". Be sure to expand the film to full screen for best viewing.
Sorry for the lengthy directions....could not figure out how to post a direct link.
Jerry Breon
Mooresville, NC.

PS: My father, Bruce Breon worked as a mechanical engineer at Despatch Shops approximately 1955-1964 before taking the position of President of Keystone Railway Equipment Company in Chicago then Camp Hill, PA.

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