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Larry Kline


In the "b" end photo of G25b 349777 the end does not have the indentation for the previous brake wheel, the brake wheel is above the top of the end, and there is a bracket for the brake staff attached to the end.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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Thanks for the information.

I'm probably not buying a book for one picture, but could you tell me if the end has the indentation for the previous brake wheel arrangement? Supposedly the ends were switched before being welded.


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Hey Gang!
There is a nice color photo of the "b" end of G25b 349777 in service on the E.B.T.R.R. in Mt. Union, Pa. in the book "Slim Gauge Survivor" by Deanne Mellander, published by Old Line Graphics. The photo is found on page 20.
Ray Thibaut

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The PRRT&HS Gondola book states in January 1950 1736 G25’s had their ends welded shut creating the class G25B this was completed by 1953. There was no picture included.


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Aaron - It's been a few years since I did that kit and I no longer have
the data as it went to the new owner. However, I can assure you that I
never would have issued the car unless I had difinitive information. -
Al Westerfield

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I lack a photo of the end of a G25B, but I can direct you to three of
company drawing numbers that may be available via the PRRT&HS website's
microfilm collection. They are:
A429018 (General arrangement G25B)
D443179 & D443478 (End arrangement, fixed ends made from drop end)
I have numbers for a couple other details of the car also, but
unfortunately none of them address the brake issue directly. If you
interested contact me off list.
Rich Burg

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