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Norm Buckhart

anyone that might have photos/drawings/or plans for the poles, and
pole hanging brackets, and the pulling chain, hooks and hanging
brackets, that an accurate model can be made from, would be greatly
appreciated. Can also contact me off line at '
thanks in advance. Norm Buckhart

On Sep 5, 2012, at 7:21 AM, rhammill wrote:

Hi, all-

When looking at the instructions for the Atlas HH-660 I noticed the
polling pockets were separate parts. I purchased a bunch for use on
other locomotives.

I don't know what their general availability is but they are part

Randy Hammill
Modeling the New Haven Railroad 1946-1954

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I just noticed this topic, but do not have any source for poling
It caught my attention because I remember seeing this done a few
times back in my childhood, 1940-1957, in Beecher City, IL on the
B&O branchline that ran from Beardstown to Shawneetown, IL.
There was one siding used primarily by the grain elevator. A north
bound train could back boxcars into that siding or back in to pick
up full boxcars of grain. Poling was used when a south bound train
came to pick up full cars or drop off empties.
At the time, I never realized how dangerous this operation could
be especially for the crew who placed the pole and watched from the

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Does anyone know of a source for poling pockets for some scratch
building projects? Armand Premo

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