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Rich Yoder

I Would imagine that preceding Mid-Continent Petroleum
was the Mid-Continent Oil Refining CO. Located in E. St.Louis Illinois.
I have builders photos of ACF Type 7 twin dome 8,000 cars with the high walk
OR was this a different company?
Rich Yoder

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According to information I have gathered from various websites,
Mid-Continent Petroleum (C.O.S.X) had GATC Type 17, ACF Type 11 and Type 21
Tankcars. The Type 11 being the largest numbers. The cars were painted in
the "Diamond Products" Red Diamond's with White lettering scheme in the
1920's and later re-painted with only white lettering with a large "D-X"
logo. "D-X Gasoline was introduced in 1933 and " Diamond Gas stations began
changing there signs to D-X" beginning in 1946.

My question is what year did Cosden begin re-painting the Red and white
"Diamond" paint scheme to the all white lettered "D-X" scheme? Did any cars
still have the original lettering past 1947 or were all Tank cars re painted
by then?


Eric Thur


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