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Your model is great. Can you provide me eith info on how you built the car?
Rick Dietrichson
Wilmington, NC

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(Sorry if some folks on both groups get this more than once!)

Back in late 2009 I asked on both the CBQ list and the STMFC list for help
creating a model of a CB&Q composite mill gon.

I've got some pictures of the completed model now, and thought others might
be interested. Note this is N scale.

I had a lot of fun doing this car.

Sorry about the super-long link!

or if that is too long to work, try the short link below...

Thanks again to everyone for the tremendously helpful responses.

- Claus Schlund

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Thanks everyone for your more than helpful responses - I would never have
guessed that so much imformation would be coming my way!
Several folks sent me images off-list, thank you for those as they were
very helpful.

Here is my admittedly meager comtribution to the topic...

A builders photo from the 1931 CBC (TSC #46) pg 215...

An set of images of the N-scale Micro-Trains gon in CB&Q paint...

Lastly, am image of the undecorated Micro-Trains shell...

The car looks pretty good rite out of the box, and the factory lettering
appears to be correct. A few things need to be fixed.

* The car comes with a straight center sill, and the prototype has a
fishbelly center sill. This needs to be corrected

* The car rides too high and needs to be lowered

* The car comes with a side-mounted brake wheel. While the photos I've
received are not entirely conclusive, it appears these cars
had (I'm not sure I've for the terminology right) lever brakes, much like
those on the as-delivered USRA composite gons. This will
need to be changed as well

* The car comes with dreadnaught drop ends, and they should be 5-rib
inverse Murphy. Not sure how to correct this...

* The two end panels in the Micro-Trains model are slightly longer then
the rest of the panels, and the prototype was just the
opposite. I'm not going to make any effort to correct this. Oh well!

Thanks again everyone, I've got some fun work to do.

- Claus Schlund

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I'm trying to gather up some info on CB&Q 48 foot composite mill gons,
but information and in-service images of these particular
gons are proving elusive. I'm hoping someone here can help.

The cars I'm asking about are pictured in the 1931 CBC (TSC #46) page
215, which shows a builders photo of CB&Q 195499, described
as follows: Composite Gondola Car, Solid Bottom, Drop Ends, ARA Class GM,
Length Inside 48'6"; Builder, Pressed Steel Car Company.

Apparently, this car was part of the series CB&Q 195000 to 196499. For a
class that had 1500 cars in it, you would think I'd be
able to turn up SOMETHING! I have the CB&Q Historical Societies Data Sheet
on composite gons, but it covers only 40 foot gons and
makes no mention of the above cars.

According to Dec 1930 ORER, statistics for this car class are:

MCB class GM (gon, drop ends)
195000 to 196499
IL 48' 6"
IW 9' 3/4"
IH 3' 10"
OL 49' 9 3/4"
OW 10' 3"
Extreme Ht 7' 6 3/4"
Cap 1770 cu ft or 100000 lb
1498 cars

An image of an N scale model of this car by MicroTrains can be seen at:!BP8hDBgCGk~$(KGrHgoOKj4EjlLmY+TiBJ2Qr6EpC!~~_12.JPG

(hopefully the line will not wrap!)

The MicroTrains model appears to be a excellent match structurally. But
I'm curious about the paint and lettering. The builders
photo in the above 1931 CBC shows a two-color paint scheme, with all the
wood parts painted white and the metal parts painted a
darker color. I assume this paint scheme was for the photo only, and not
for service. Can someone on this list confirm? Also, can
anyone point me to a in-service photo of these gons? I'm interested in the
as-built lettering. Lastly, anyone know if these gons
were used for any specific service, routing or customer on the CB&Q?

Thanks in advance for any info.

- Claus


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